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12th green  MId Sussex Golf Club
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Green Mid Sussex Golf Club
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Lead Coach, Sussex Junior Performance Academy 

Sussex County Ladies Development Golf Coach 

General Manager, Mid-Sussex Golf Club 

I am passionate about coaching. I became a golf professional in April 1994 and like most teenagers looked at playing after passing my PGA exams.

What I did not realise was that by the time January 1998 came and I was a fully qualified PGA instructor I was playing less and fell in love with coaching. Seeing my lessons' expressions when they first played or reduced their handicaps was such a buzz.

In January 1998 I became one of the youngest golf World Panellists and had a year of articles through 1999, which only made me want to coach further.


As general manager and Golf Professional at Mid Sussex Golf Club I am able to offer lessons and golfing experiences to all.


Golf is my passion. I started playing when I was 14 and represented Sussex boys under 18’s. I turned professional in 1994 hoping to be a tour player, but fell in love with coaching.  ‘the buzz I still get from seeing other players start, reduce their handicap or play for the County is a great moment shared’.

I am born and bred in Sussex, I am keen to make golf more accessible and grow the game especially with younger families and ladies ‘we want to have more ladies and girls playing and make the game what it should be - FUN!  I am now in the fortunate position to be a golf coach in Sussex to help make these changes’.​

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My Services


Video Analysis

Using video and screens, understand the movements you need to make to improve your consistency.


Improve your handicap very easily by having the correct thoughts and routines.

Short Game

Understand how to play those shots around the green with finese and ability to control the outcome of the ball.

Course Lessons

A perfect way to show all areas of your game and learn from course management and different types of shots. 

From Starter to the Course

If you are new to the game and looking for social fun, improvement and enjoyment. There is a package to suit your needs.

County Golf Coach

Coach the junior boys and girls development squads and Sussex Ladies development coaching.


Lee Andrews giving a lesson in the coaching bays at Mid-Sussex Golf Club
Undercover Facility with Video Analysis
Lee Andrews Golf Coach - 22 years
Sussex Golf Coach for 22 Years
Lee Andrews giving a putting lesson at Mid-Sussex Golf Club
Excellent Short
Game Facilities
The Facilities


Hayleigh Wigmore PGA Professional - "I have been taught by Lee since I was about 5 and his coaching has progressed me to turning professional and recently winning my first WPGA event. Lee is extremely knowledgeable about the golf swing and how to cut out those bad habits. My golf has been much more consistent since having more regular lessons in all areas of my game. He is a very chatty a likeable coach and you always leave the lesson hitting it better and with a confidence boost. I would recommend Lee to any golfer wanting to improve their game" . 

Karim Mohamed, Mayo Wynne Baxter  - “Lee took time to engage with me on the issues that I had raised on my swing.   That was very refreshing – he listened carefully, he watched me play on the course and he understood the issues which were causing concern. And then he dealt with the process of change step by step, concisely without wasting any time and in a relaxed yet professional manner.  I would recommend Lee for golf coaching wholeheartedly” .


Christopher Hume - “I’m a high handicapper who’s been going to Lee for years, whenever the wheels come off and it’s all a bit difficult.  He’s always identified what’s going on, shown me on the screen and given me a fix within 20 minutes.  Never too much, always enough to keep me happy, and it’s always worked next time I’ve gone out”.

Ed Haynes - "I decided to have my first lesson in years due to a slicing problem which was gradually getting worse. A friend recommended I have my lesson with lee and I was not disappointed! He identified the problem I was having in no time and after an hour I was hitting straighter than ever, I was even hitting my 4 iron well, (a club that I was so scared of it spent two years in my living room). Excellent coaching and very friendly service. Would definitely recommend". 


Dominic Jarrett - "In my first lesson Lee used video capture to quickly identify a major swing flaw that other instructors had failed to recognize that was stopping me from hitting good iron shots. Lee provided me three specific drills to work on and after just 3 swings the difference in strike, distance and dispersion was immediately noticeable. After a bit of practice this translated to me hitting the most GIR in a long time. I wish I'd had a lesson with Lee a year ago"..

Claire Sage  - "Having been taught by Lee myself and enjoyed his very professional and excellent coaching he was the natural choice to teach my children.  My children aged 5 and 7 absolutely love their golf lessons with him. He is incredibly patient and makes the lessons fun but very constructive and informative". 



The Address

Mid Sussex Golf Club

Spatham Lane


East Sussex


On Site

         Monday - Saturday  08:30am -19:00PM BST

 Monday - Saturday  08:30am -17:00PM


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