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How to Chip and Run

Five steps to follow to chip and run:

  1. Align club face to target and steepen angle of shaft

  2. It may sound simple but aligning your club face perpendicular to the target is vital. Once you're happy, set the shaft more upright to feel like a putter (the heel of the club may come off the ground)

  3. Bringing up the heel will reduce drag on the downswing, preventing the club decelerating through the ball. The upright shaft helps with a one-level motion swing, where no wrists are used.

  4. Move hands forward and distribute weight on front foot

  5. Moving your hands forward and having the weight on the front foot slightly will help the downward movement and help reduce any flicking.

How to chip and run using a putting stroke

The chip and run stroke is very similar to a putting stroke, it should be controlled by a rocking of the shoulders with very little wrist hinge on the back swing and keeping the hands ahead of the club head on the through swing.

Keep the back swing and follow-through the same

Maintain an even tempo and keep your head and body still with just a movement of the arms.

To help you achieve this. Hold your finish with your practice swing, look at this position and on your actual stroke brush the ground and see if the position is in the same place as the practice.

Practice your distances

Remember to focus on a landing point rather than the flag itself. From the landing point you can then see the shot like a putt rolling to the hole. Using the same action and landing position use different clubs to see the ball roll out different distances. Use cones like rungs on a ladder as shown to focus on the ball finishing in them.

Lee Andrews PGA Professional working on putting distance control using cones
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