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How to Cure a Slice

It is a known fact that a vast majority of golfers slice the ball (move the ball from left to right). The more you aim left the more you swing across the ball making the spin even greater from left to right. The only way to cure this habit fully is to see your P.G.A pro but there are a few pointers you can try to help you on your way.


The grip – most golfers being right handed tend to force the right hand more on top of the club and push the left hand off the club ( pic 1). Try to make sure that the left thumb is slightly favouring the right side. Pinch the thumb and forefinger together, the left hand should feel more on top of the club and as a check point you should see between 2 and 3 knuckles on your left hand (pic 2)

Pic 1: 'Weak grip'

Pic 2: 'Neutral grip'


Many golfers will aim left with their set up, this encourages the club to swing across the ball rather than follow the ball to target line. If the club travels from out to in to strike the ball it will impart left to right spin on the ball 


Swing Path

If the Alignment is correct you will have a greater chance of attacking the ball from the inside and reducing the amount of left to right spin you put on the ball. To help achieve this on the course try to feel that at the top of the backswing your left arm is across your chest and on the downswing you are trying to hit from the inside of the ball 7 to 1 on a clockface (pic 3 and 4).

Pic 3: 'Out to in path'

Pic 4: 'Correct path'

The bullet points from the session:
  • Make sure your grip is correct

  • Align making sure your shoulders do not point too far left

  • Make swings that feel flatter (more rounded)

  • If you want to get rid of the slice on the course don’t aim your body left. Aim straight and make the club face point left.

Let me know how it goes! And if not my number is 01273 846567

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