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How to hit a driver

Golf tips with a driver 

Balance is crucial when you have the longest and least controllable club in your hand - working on great balance will allow you to drive straight and allow you to build on your timing to hit longer drives consistently off the tee. The stance to adopt is your feet to be just more than a shoulders width with the ball positioned forwards in the stance but inside/parallel to your left heel (Pic 1) The spine should tilt making your head behind the ball and helping the feeling of a sweep.

Lee Andrews PGA Professional showing how high to tee a ball when using a driver
Lee Andrews PGA Professional showing the set up for hitting a driver - stance, posture, ball positions & hand position

Pic 1

Pic 2

The tee height needs to be consistent with half the ball on the club face and half above the club face (Pic 2). The only possible way to then sky this would be to take a divot – not advised!

The majority of players will attack the ball rather than swing the club to a full finish and therefore ‘cast’ from the top with the hands rather than drive with the lower body (Pic 3). Work on the angle of attack impact becoming flatter with your head behind the ball so you can hit on the upstroke. (Pic 4). If you are attacking the ball with the shaft underneath your right shoulder at half way down (pic 5) you are able to use your right knee, hip and shoulder.

Pic 3

What it looks like when a player casts from the top of the swing with the hands rather than driving with the lower body

Pic 4

What a good impact position looks when hitting a driver

Pic 5

Aim to get the shaft underneath right shoulder on the way down

What golf driver do I need?

Selecting the golf driver that suits you is very important to get the result you want. Contact me or speak to your local PGA professional for advice.

Points to remember:

  • Stance just greater than a shoulders width apart

  • Ball position opposite the heel of your front foot

  • Tilt the spine so your left shoulder is higher than your right

  • The downswing to start with the lower half keeping your head behind the ball

  • Have the feeling you are hitting on the upswing and hold a full balanced finish.

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