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‘The Social’

Lesson 1

  • An initial evaluation of your golfing knowledge (none is expected). This will lead to a personalised programme and enable us to structure the lessons to what you need to cover to understand the game of golf.

  • Various areas will be covered, but the main purpose of the ‘social’ package is to learn about all aspects of the game in a fun and relaxed environment. Please ask as many questions as you wish, no matter how silly they may seem to you they are not.


Lesson 2

  • A lesson continuing to work on the swing while talking about how each club works and how we use them on the course.  


Lesson 3

  • A further lesson on swing building but changing the golf clubs and understanding when we change the club how this effects the distances we hit the golf ball.


Lesson 4
  • Short game work – looking at pitching, chipping and putting. Learning the scoring part of the game. Giving you some drills that can help you reduce shots when you finally get out onto the golf course.


Lesson 5
  • Driving - The fun part of hitting the ball as far as possible!! How we stand when hitting woods and why.


Lesson 6
  • A playing lesson looking at the progress made so far. A look into your how you have progressed and why you have decided to have some lessons.

  • A final evaluation will take place, and an individual work programme will be constructed enabling you to continue working on and improving your game.

Cost for this package £175

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