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How to Hit High and Low Shots

There are only two key elements you need to be in control of to be in control of the golf ball:

  1. The club face

  2. The path through impact

Below the ball flights to help you understand the shot shapes you hit and therefore understand how to reduce the bad shots on the course. If the ball swerves right (slice) it is generally the club face is open and if it starts right then the path would be in-to-out (push). In reverse, if the ball swerves left (hook) it generally the club face is closed or if it starts left then the path would be out-to-in (pull). To understand the above is crucial for you to be able to work on the correct outcome for the course.

Ball flights for right handed golfers
9 possible golf ball flights

This is not a quick fix – it is fact! If the club face is open and you close it and it works then this is correct. The reason is we would like to sort it out the correct way rather than cheating the set-up. We therefore need to work out why the club face is open at impact and change your grip, body movement or weight accordingly to suit.

I would always suggest to try to get to the outcome the correct way and therefore to have a lesson with a P.G.A professional is still the recommendation I would suggest to iron out those faults but if you understand your shot shape and why then you are over half way there.

This was a difficult lesson to understand as a group and if any of you would like to email me if you are unsure of anything please feel free to. It is fair easier for me to explain this one to one with your fault and I promise you will understand.

I have also put below regarding high and low shots as these were also discussed.

Just think, we move the ball forwards and backwards to add and take off loft – why wouldn’t we aim the club slightly left or right to try to move the ball? This is what the top players do.

Is this not easier than trying to change your swings on the course?

Factors that will help your ball striking:

Address: Ball position and hand position

Impact: Hand position, weight distribution, downswing path​

Higher/Lower Shots

There are two key concepts to controlling the trajectory of the golf shot. These are the ball position and the weight distribution. To play a lower shot the ball should be slightly back in the stance and the weight should be on the front foot. As shown in the picture when the weight is forward in the stance, the hands will usually be in front of the ball. This will in turn deloft the club and help make your angle of approach steeper resulting in a lower trajectory.

How to play a lower shot: ball back in stance, weight on front foot
How to hit a higher shot: ball front in stance and weight slightly on back foot

The opposite will occur when attempting to hit a high shot. The ball position needs to be forward in the stance and the weight slightly on the back foot. These two factors will both encourage an upward hit on the ball, which in turn will mean the club will have more loft and will result in a higher trajectory. This is demonstrated in the picture above right.

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