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Preparing yourself to play golf

Are you prepared for the round?

Instead of a structured practice session before a monthly medal round, I generally see 3 balls dropped onto the putting green and putt to the same hole – NO!!! All you are doing is learning from the first putt and then the brain is telling you to hit it harder or softer. You don’t get this chance on the course.

Please use the three balls but putt to three different holes and then hole out. Try to 2 putt, go through your routine like you do on the course. You must take 6 shots with these three balls.

Use a distance ladder with 5 levels so you can feel the progression in stroke length going up and down and then 5 levels at random (if time).  You cannot move onto the next level until they have completed each previous level.  Levels in the ladder should be 3 feet apart with the start point 10 feet from the first level. (pic) The picture shows yellow cones for you to see) Tee pegs are just as good and will help you learn the pace of the greens and your stroke requirements.

With a structured practice, 10 minutes before you play it is possible to save around 6 strokes per round. This is the most important part of the game and we take the most amounts of shots with this club, therefore, spend quality time on the putting green.

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